Wednesday, November 30, 2005

One term down, five to go...

I just finished my last exam five hours ago so my first term at NEGST is officially over! I actually only had one exam but I had five term papers of about 15 pages each, so the past three weeks have been quite busy. Now I will be busy the next three days preparing to come home for the December holiday. I leave Nairobi at 11:20 pm on Saturday, and I’ll be arriving in DC on Sunday afternoon. I would love to see you all while I am at home, so please give me a call if you’ll be in VA or NC. I’ll be in NC from Dec. 6th until the 11th, and I’ll be in VA for the rest of the time. I’ll be returning to Nairobi on Dec. 28th. I’ll be using my old cell phone, and the number is 703-298-0597. I won’t be able to access this email address, so please use or to get in touch with me after Friday.

The past month has been a very busy but a very good month. I’ve joined the youth leadership team at my church, which is giving me the opportunity to get involved in ministry while I’m in school. I have been meeting with a group of four Kenyans from my church to discuss how to get the youth involved in missions. One is our youth pastor, another is the leader of an indigenous missions organization called Together Mission Africa, another is an amazing and visionary woman who has started several projects in the Nairobi area, and the fourth is the missions intern at the church. The youth pastor asked me to write up a proposal for missions in the youth, and we’ve been working on that for about the past five weeks.

We’re discussing a lot of exciting opportunities, but the most exciting project we’re discussing is a project in a slum community called Bul Bul. Bul Bul is about 2 km from the church and is a relatively small slum community. I am going there with a few people on Saturday morning to survey the area and pray. Right now, our plan is to buy a plot of land which is only about $4000 and put up a semi-permanent building which will only be about $2000-$3000. We want to use this building as a community center where we can host medical clinics, Bible studies, games for the children, feeding programs, training classes, etc. The vision is to get a presence in the community and try to understand the dynamics of the community, and then pray about how we can share the love of Christ in that place. I have really been praying for an opportunity to get involved in slum ministry while I’m in school, and I’m so excited that God is opening these doors for me to partner with Kenyans from my church and begin a new project in Bul Bul.

I hope you all enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday. Although I really missed celebrating with my family, I was able to share a Thanksgiving meal with some people here. I am very thankful for the experiences I have had in Kenya this year, the opportunities the Lord has given me, and the great relationships I have made. And of course I am so thankful for all of you and all of the support that you have given me this year. Please pray for safe travels as I return home, and blessed times of fellowship with friends and family. I am really looking forward to seeing many of you soon!